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DSC_0017 After a few false starts I have finally finished up the kitchen tile redress project – and I’ve made the stencil templates into a pdf for you to print out and use. They are great for more than just tiles too! I was thinking they would look great to label things like the bread box, the coffee bean tin, a market bag and, well, I’m not sure what I would put bacon and eggs on, but they would be fun on a tote for no apparent reason.


I wanted to add some color to the kitchen, one of the rooms in the apartment where I will not hang a painting (or the bathroom) because of the steam. Especially above the sink where we have the most obvious open spot there is much splatter and yuck going on. Tiles were the answer and a nice easy way to make them fun and neat and reproducible (for you if you want).

It’s intersting because this project actually works best with cheap-o spray paint. Cut the stencils, place them on the tile, spray with black. Then go over it with a quick coat of color. The black will show through the cheap paint, but not the more expensive stuff. Also be careful about, umm, cough, splattering. I like it and am going to go into them with some black acrylic to accent them a bit so they look like soap bubbles, but it was not intentional.

You can also see all the Apartment Redress photos in the flickr collection {link}.

6 thoughts on “How To::Kitchen Tile Stencils

  1. Cute! I like the splatters and imperfections, too — it gives them character. I particularly like the French press one. It’s such a clean image to use in a slightly muddy piece of art. I like the contrast!

    1. At first I was disappointed that it didn’t turn out “perfect”, but then I realized I wouldn’t like it nearly as much if it had. i love the splatters and imperfections too. It feels more like something I would see spray painted in an alley and I like that :)

  2. That is such a good idea! I love that it’s steam friendly. I struggle with art in my kitchen for the same reasons. I’m so excited about this! I’ll be linking.

    1. I’m thinking this will work in the bathroom too…. future redress post :) I think so! Thanks for linking!

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