Crafting for those in Need: Pencil Clutches

I’m part of a really great local arts group called Ames Collaborative Art, we like to call ourselves Ames Each month we get together for what we call Creative Collision. Basically, we flood a local coffee shop, bring some kind of portable project, and hang out for a few hours and share what’s going on in our studio and life.

All of us are very creative, some of us lean towards the artist side, others towards the craft side, and those like me strattle the fence and indulge in both. Late last year we decided we would choose a local charity to support each month by making handmade items. We’ve done hats and scarves for the Emergency Residence Project, blankets for the Boone Animal Shelter, collected donations for a rummage sale for our own annual project (we are technically a non-profit too) and donated a car load of family items to the residence project (we like that one, they do great work), and I’m can’t remember what else.

It’s a lot of fun and it feels good to use our skills for good. For the past month we’ve been seeing little fliers everywhere for a school supply drive that’s being coordinated by the Youth and Shelter Services. Of course we thought “bingo, perfect for this month’s charity”.

We decided that we would all make pencil clutches and stock them with school goodies. They asked if I could post a few patterns for pencil clutches. Imagine my surprise and delight when I googled “pencil clutch pattern” and my own patterns popped up in the number 1 spot! It inspired me to share with you these oldie but goodies and encourage you to craft for your local schools this month too. There are so many kids who are having a hard time. Who can afford unique fun school accessories or even the basic supplies.

So, there are a lot of school drives going on, and you can always contact a local school or one of your kids’ teachers if they have an in-school pool of supplies for those in need.

Pencil Clutch Patterns

Turns out I really like making pencil clutch patterns! I found five in the archive that even I had forgotten about. Make a few, stuff with stuff on the school’s list, drop off at your local school or school drive drop off point.

Download the Pencil Clutch from Green Prairie Fibers

Download the Mr Stubs Pencil Pouch

Download the Zip It Clutch

Download the Love Bug Clutch

Download the Stitch Clutch

I hope this inspires you to whip up some pencil pouches for your local school kids or at least drop off some supplies at your local drop off locations.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. I’ve been wanting to get into a collaborative group in my area for awhile now.  It sounds like an amazing situation, being able to feed off of everyone’s creativity and get feedback on your work.  I want to cultivate more social experiences with creative people in my life.  Any suggestions on where to start?  I live in a big city, which is probably rampant with art and craft groups.  Did you help start the group you’re in, or did you know anyone already in the group?  I know I would benefit immensely, but it seems like a fairly daunting task!

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