Craftzine :: April is Crafting with Nature Month!

There have been some great projects coming out of the Craftzine kitchen lately and I’m happy to report that April (my birthday month) is Crafting with Nature Month over on the craftzine blog! You can see the archive of projects here so far for this month, and don’t forget to check out last month’s mending archive.- which I just realized had a picture of and a link to my post on mending the tear next to the zipper – Sweet! thanks Craft!

Oh and here are a few Outdoorish/nature related projects from Craftzine that I really like:

Yoga Mat Strap Project – great for using up a long strip of fabric!
CRAFT Project: Mason Jar Terrarium – I love this! I want to make one!
CRAFT Project: Tater Stamped Kitchen Curtain – I want to make something like this for my window in my studio.