May Craft Leftovers Monthly!

Hi ya folks! This upcoming month’s issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop! It’s really a great issue this month and I think you will all really love it! I changed up the format a bit, so now it’s super easy for me to tuck goodies into the zine – so be looking for them. And then the kit this month is just great! It’s for a mending kit called Mending on the Go! It has everything you need to mend while traveling around this summer (or at home). It’s everything you need to make, stock, and learn how to mend – I’ve included a little mini book on mending tips in the kit! This is yet to be released pattern and will be coming out this Friday.


Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop until the 19th and will go out the door on Monday, April 20th! There are only 15 subscriptions available, so make sure to pick your’s up as soon as you can! And if you missed last month, you can still order copies of the April clm zine until the end of April!


I’m going to send out a newsletter tomorrow night as well as a previous subscriber reminder. I’ve also decided to start sending out a note to current subscribers so they know their issue is on their way. That will all happen tomorrow evening though. I have one last deadline to finish up tomorrow and then I’ll be all your’s again. I can’t wait because I really have some fun projects and posts planned out.

Happy Crafting!