Craftzine Mending Month!

Being that I am all about mending and using what you have on hand for as long as you can, I was really excited about CraftZine’s March Mending Month. I know after a long winter of hard use a lot of my winter clothes need some repairs before putting them away for the spring (get here soooooon spring! come on!).You can see all the March Mending Posts here on the Craftzine.

These were some of my personal favorites:


I just love elbow patches!



Mending Quilts – Something I really need to do for our quilt that Jason’s Grandma made.



And of course Darning because my sock has a hole in it (still, even though I wrote up how to darn in the last clm, I still haven’t taken my own advice and finished my fixing my pair of socks!).


Did I just put that almost half the posts are my “favorites”? Well, I’m okay with that if you are. Honestly it was hard to just pick three, I really could have listed them all!. So make sure to go check out Craftzine’s March Mending Month!


And I apologize for no skirt today. I realized this morning that either I finish the skirt today or I finish the pattern for tomorrow. I know technically it’s my week for re-releasing, but I got a bug in my bonnet about this particular pattern and I wanted it to be the kit for the April Issue of CLM (which goes on sale on Sunday evening – 15 subscriptions will be available), so there will be a pattern tomorrow and it’s super duper springy and cute – and will actually go well with my skirt once I get that done :)

See you all tomorrow! Go mend some clothes!

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