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Snowdrop Gauntlet :: Free Pattern :: Knit or Crochet!


I have been wanting to make gauntlets for a long time now and, guess what? I did! And then I made another one! Haha. One is knit and one is crocheted, so a little something for everyone (well, unless you are a sewer only, in which case, I might make a sewn one soon).


I made these using, of course, vintage buttons from my stash. I really like this project because use can mix and match buttons, which is great because I have a lot of stray dogs in my stash.

Oh and the yarn, which I’m sure will be asked about, is the yarn I recycled earlier this week and posted about here. It’s fingering weight 80% silk/20% nylon and blocks really well.


I was going to announce the winners of the Button it Up mail in drawing today, but, even though it may seem I’m here, I’m not! I’m out of town! Hehe. I wrote this up last night and scheduled it to post automatically. I wanted to make sure to be able to pick up the last of the mail before choosing a winner, so I’m extending it out to over the weekend. I’ll announce the winner (and send out the prize :P ) on Monday afternoon!

See you all soon! Have a great crafty weekend!

2 thoughts on “Snowdrop Gauntlet :: Free Pattern :: Knit or Crochet!

  1. Thank you for letting me know the pattern was missing. I’ve recovered it and added it back in. You can download the pdf of the complete pattern for free again. Most posts were a-okay when we recovered the blog after the epic server crash, there are a few where weird things are going on and they’ve been like needles in the hay stack to find.

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