Crocheted Sun Tea Spot

For one of the first times of the year I sat outside on the front stoop with my drink to work on some research stuff on my laptop. As I put my drink down I had a deep seated fear that I was going to put my glass down to hard and crack the bottom on the concrete… no good. So what to do? How about crochet my own little spot for my sun tea.

It’s also heating up around here, finally, and condensation is getting everywhere, so they will be coming in handy for that too!

And so this week’s Craft Leftover pattern was born.

Unfortunately, today is not one of those “sit outside in the glorious bliss of the sun” so here it is keeping my external from getting wet.

And here’s the¬†pattern:

I really like making coasters, it’s a super fast project, that takes up those little craft leftovers, and it’s a great way to practice stitches or working in the round. Good stuff.

See you next time! Keep it Crafty!

3 thoughts on “Crocheted Sun Tea Spot

  1. Well I have been tagged, so seven random facts:
    1. I have really smelly feet
    2. I like mixing apple sauce and cottage cheese
    3. I rarely finish knitting projects, I really just like to knit…
    4. I have more books than clothing (priorities are important)
    5. I love having house plants, but tend to kill them all unless they are especially hardy.
    6. I have a ferret named Ferret Beuler and I call him Mr. B.
    7. I love cleanliness and order, but my apartment is always a mess… go figure. The plite of an artist studio being in the house, projects everywhere.

    I haven’t decided who to tag, so i will do that later.

    Maybe I will just tag you all! hehe, nah, I will list 7 tagged bloggers some time soon.

    Thanks for including me, your blog is really swanky by the way. Keep it up.

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