Sink into it

Maybe this pattern is coming out of my own end of the semester fatigue. I can think nothing better to do than sink my head into an over stuffed hand made pillow. And yes I’m still on the “what can i do with these strips of fabric” kick. It may last for awhile. I’m actually proud to say that with this and the project from last week I am about half way through. This pillow really got me thinking about how quilt blocks are a great way to use up extra leftover fabric too. For your own pillows it might be fun to do some embroidery, use some fabric paint and stencils, or some applique.

I am going to start adding kits and things to the shop again after school gets out, so around the 14th of May. Maybe sooner though, it just kind of depends if I go into a coma after finals or not.

I did add something to my other etsy shop Green Prairie Fibers. I am in the experimental stage of starting up a naturally dyed yarn company and before I order in bulk I want to really nail down process and fiber. So while I’m working on my consistency and fiber types I am going to sell pairs of skeins (enough to make 2 pairs of small socks or 1 pair of really large/long socks) on etsy. The yarn is all really great and one of a kind. I just can’t knit as much as I’m dyeing or I would keep it all for myself! I just added 4 pairs of walnut dyed sock yarn on wednesday, you should go check it out. After schools out I’m going to dye up some more with walnuts and maybe a batch with some onions so look for that in about a month…. sock yarn would make a great mothers day present and if you order now I will send it priority to get it there in time. +++wink+++ okay I’m done with my commercial.

In more craft related news I’ve been thinking about different approaches to craft leftovers and have been thinking about getting it out of the blog format and having it as more of a website so the archive is easier to browse… but I’m not sure how it will work and what direction/format I want to take it. It will most likely happen over the summer while planning out the book.

The book, so that is the other thing. Progress is actually being made. Right now it’s my turn to bust my butt re working all the patterns so they are publishing worthy, tweeking the actual projects, remaking some, and re photographing a lot of them… then the summer is hitting and my friend jill is going to start working out the layout/design of the book and hopefully by fall we will have it together enough to get some print. I’m actually hoping to be able to sell it at the Renegade Craft Fair in the Fall… but that is a deadline fast approaching. We will see how it goes.

And this is a really long post and I need to head out, I’m taking some other students into chicago for the city wide fun going on! Mainly we will stick around the Mart for Art Chicago though. Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Sink into it

  1. Whether you decide to move to a static site or keep it as a blog, PLEASE please please keep the RSS feeds! Some of us read your site via our feedreaders and love your work, but would never remember to visit if it wasn’t for the feeds… :)

  2. Oh good point! I think it will almost work like a webcomic site actually, hehe. There will be the front page which will have the most recent pattern, then you can go to previous pattern or to the archive and search by topic/technique/materials/date. The archive is the main thing I’ve been thinking about. After a year of this it’s tough for me to find things, let alone readers. Plus I would like to have a more unique look to the blog, more in line with the site’s content. I will make sure it still has a feed though, I read everything though blog lines myself!

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