Crocheting Around Town :: Circlular Sensations

This past week I have been doing a lot of crocheting in the round and so when I would go through my rss feeder it seemed like every post about crochet seemed to jump out and yell “pick me, write about me, read me!” I picked my favorite tutorials and round ups out of the bunch for your inspirational pleasure.

It was the pattern I posted on Friday that lead to most of it, but it just kind of kept going and here I was today, crocheting in the round again today. Jason took some shots for me of my hands in motion. I might eventually possibly use them to show you how to do a magic loop (great way to start crocheting in the round, a great alternative cast on for knitting). If not, it was still fun:

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My friend Sarah mentioned to me how when she is working in the round and wants a really smooth circle, she will rotate the increase points around the circle. She also suggests working 6 increases per round – so like you start out working your ch1 for the first sc of your round, then work a sc into the base of that stitch as your “2sc”. The next round you would ch1, then work the 2sc into the next sc. The round after that you would work ch1, 1sc into next stitch, 2sc into the next stitch.

So I tried it out (that’s what the pictures are of above) and it was the smoothest circle I’ve ever crocheted in my life! Thank you Sarah! I love having friends who don’t mind telling me “you could be doing that easier and here is how” :)

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