Springy Headwrap Rerelease :: Free Crochet Pattern


When I first wrote this pattern I wrote: “I have been oogling head bands and other things like that to show off my new bangs. It’s the first time in years. There is a problem though, art supplies or hair accessories… hmm… of course the art supplies win out. So what to do about showing off these new bangs? A little crocheted head wrap! The perfect thing.”

Well, now I’m looking for something to contain my bangs until I get them cut again or growing them out (i haven’t decided which I’m working on right now). And yet again this little springy headwrap is the perfect thing.


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Happy independence day a bit late and all that jazz. I had a great day and spent most of it knitting with friends and some of it playing croquet – which I have found I love :)

Best wishes and happy crafting!


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