DIY Instruments Zine

This weekend Ames, Iowa is host to one of the most epic of Midwest music festivals, the Maximum Ames Music Festival. They use traditional and non traditional music venues and organize the hosting of local, national, and international music. It’s amazing.

This year a local artist and curator lyndsay Nissen organized the placement of artists and artwork in all the max Ames venues. It’s a great showing for performing and visual arts in our community.

I was selected to be one of the artists, so inspired by the event, I opted to make a zine on how to make musical instruments with things easily acquired or found laying around the house.


The DIY Musical Instruments Zine features instructions on making a Straw Horn, Balloon Bassoon, and a Finger Piano. It’s a fun little publication and will be distributed for free at Max Ames and then at the Iowa Music Store where the Roach Motel Zine Distro Resides. If you’d like me to send you a copy, they can be bought in the shop once the festival is over. I’ll add a link when it gets in the shop.

Get your copy of the DIY Musical Instruments Zine in the Shop.

So no crafting this week with traditional craft supplies, but I did use up a bunch of random things making music with Lucy for this zine. It was a ton of fun.

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  1. I have a 19 month old, I am very interested in this one! Can’t wait to get a copy of the zine!

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