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Last weekend I opened up our house to be one of 20+ artists participating in a city-wide studio tour.

The whole idea was that the general public could tour from studio to studio and see the behind the scenes of some of their favorite artists.

Since you all couldn’t make it, I thought I would give you the virtual tour.

Here, help yourself to some hot apple cider and brownies.


Upstairs was pretty much the “gallery”, I hung as much work as would fit:







Oh yes, our hallway pretty much is a gallery. Jason installed track lighting this past winter. We joke around about having shows for friends in it. Ha. Maybe someday.

I, of course, took the opportunity to sell some of my wares.


I used chalk boards to direct people downstairs to the studio… which I finished the remodel on.



The tour was a great deadline post-resigning from the Octagon to keep me on track with the studio renovations. I actually finished screwing on the cabinet doors the night before!


The loom is all warped up and ready for action.


This may be the dumpiest chair in the world, but it is the most comfortable ever. I’m almost finished with that quilt. Since taking this picture I’ve actually finished tying it off and just need to add some edging.¬†Here, come this way and I’ll show you the new cabinets.


Well, new to me anyway. We got them from the habitat for humanity store, it’s call the RE-store. Love that place. Smoking deal, just painted them an off white and installed them last week. I’ll post more pictures of the actual remodel some other time. On to the rest of the tour.


I picked up a magazine rack from the Iowa State University Surplus sale for $10 (score!), I’m filling it with music books, comics, zines, and craft and art magazines. It’s a pretty inspiring little turn style.


I set up some demos for folks so they could see how I make my work. Above is how I make the Junkmail Migration paintings. Below is a series of encaustic collages I’m working on.


The house and the studio looked great. I even mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedges out front. All in all it was a really good day. Everyone who came by was very kind and some even had great feedback on my work. I sold a few things, made some friends, caught up with some old ones. I drank way to much spiced apple cider, but it was so good I couldn’t help myself.

Until next time!

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