Delay of Game for sure this time. Geeze. So this morning I finally got ahold of the place where I lost my phone (it’s about 30 mins away) and it wasn’t in the building in the coat closet like I thought it would be… it was most likely in the parking lot. They are hard floors and if it would have fallen out anywhere else I would have heard it. So I asked if anyone had seen it around, or i could come out there and check. “Well,” she said, “about the parking lots, well, you were here on Saturday night for the Dinner with the Shepards right?” Yes I say. “Well, when I got here Sunday morning, there were no cars in the parking lot, so they plowed it all” “Oooooh” I say. So well, that was that, my phone was gone in the snow pile at the end of a parking lot until spring. I’m thinking it won’t last that long.

I went by the sprint store and spent 4 hours there picking out a new phone and signing stuff and yadda yadda, then another hour calling and updating my family that i was not indeed dead and/or not returning their calls. So well. Then lunch and dinner, then trying to get my new phone working with my computer and etc there too.

Long story short, it is monday night at 8pm and the pattern was supposed to be up on Saturday and i’m giving in, i think it’s best to move on. So, with the upcoming holiday and traveling and whatnot, I’ve decided to take a Christmas break. I’m going to do the midweek post this week, but this weekend and next wednesday I’m taking off. I’ll be back in full force on the 29th with a steller project to kick off the new year.

In the mean time, craft leftoves monthly is in the shop and it is really great and you should all check it out and buy a subscription for yourself and a friend. There are also a lot of great kits and handmade items in the shop too, so browse around and enjoy yourself.

2 thoughts on “DoG

  1. Wise decision, I think. It would probably take me at least until the New Year to familiarize myself with a new phone, I’m the kind of person that tends to stick with one until they pry it outta my fingers. Technology is the greatest until I have to learn something new… :0) Relax, enjoy yourself and have a happy holiday!

  2. Thank you so much Michelle! I always feel bad when I don’t get a pattern up. I think that the fates were conspiring against me this weekend. I am back on track now though and am having fun crafting it up for tomorrow’s post.

    I must admit, this new phone made me feel a bit techno stupefied. I was hanging up on people and dialing others when I didn’t mean to! Geeze. it’s all under control now though :)

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