Doggy, Post, and Book News

My book is cruising along at a good clip now and Sunday is the deadline for me to finish my final revisions of the manuscript. I think in light of this fact alone I really should have taken the week off posts to focus on that.

Second, I have a post written, but with the missing camera charger earlier in the week, I missed my window of free time to take progress pictures of the project, then the book stuff hit and etc etc excuses excuses. I’ve decided to dedicate the weekend on the book and use this almost finished post to get the week started out on the right foot. It will be followed by pictures of dog sweaters (hopefully almost finished – I’ve had an odd amount of driving as a passanger and waiting around this week too which has been great for knitting) and the newest issue of clm on Friday. Whew, big fun week coming up for sure.

And lastly, Jak, our sweet new greyhound still wasn’t eating hardly anything today, so we took him to the vet and it turns out he’s a sick boy. Nothing really serious – pretty much a really bad flare up of irritable bowl syndrome and a yeast infection in his ear and running a temp (hey me too buddy – yeah – I’m sick again too). We changed him to a really bland diet of boiled chicken and rice + a fiber paste/suppliment for the tummy inflammation and probiotics to help restore it all back to good. He finished his bowl of food today for the first time since we’ve brought him home, whew!  What a relief that is. He weighted in at 72.6 lbs today which is 2.4lbs under his racing weight! Not a good sign at all, he should be more around 80-85lbs for his size. Poor guy. After eating his chicken he definitely perked up and was a bit more bouncy than he has been all week, it was pretty fun to see.

So, wish me luck on the book over the weekend, I’ll see you all on Monday!


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  1. Aw, sending Jak all kinds of love and good energy. Poor guy. And, I hope revisions went well over the weekend!

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