Fixing Craft Leftovers Update

We found (and by that I mean Jason found) what went wrong. So it turns out that when the server went down (which was a hardware failure on their part) it corrupted one of our database tables. It started chewing through and dumping memory or something like that (this is definitely Jason’s area of expertise, not mine) and brought the whole server to a grinding halt. So they pin pointed us as being the issue and suspended it until it got sorted so the server could run again.

Jason went through and found and resolved the problem, whew.

It turns out that since we weren’t hacked, it was just the one corrupted table, and we were able to restore all data we don’t have to do a reinstall/rebuild as we feared earlier this morning. Thank goodness.

This whole thing has caused us to re-think our way of operating so we will be doing some new things to help insure the continued smooth running of the website.

  • First I went through and deleted all unused plugins.
  • Second I updated all plugins I was currently using.
  • Third I updated wordpress so it’s all nice and current and stable.
  • Next we will be installing some cashing plugins to help make things more efficient.
  • And I’ll be using flickr more to host images, which is a good practice anyway I’m sure.

And is up and running again and there will be a post coming along later this afternoon.


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