Editting Life :: The Perfect Day

“Hmmmm, what is my perfect day?” is what instantly ran through my mind when I read a Zen Habit’s post “Your Life, Simplified“. And I was shocked by and pleased with the images that instantly ran through my mind. It wasn’t being rich or famous or busy all the time, it was simply simple.


  1. Wake up early enough to see the rosey morning light. Enjoy a cup of coffee while charting out what I need to focus on the day.
  2. Spend a minimal amount of time answering emails (30 minutes to 1 hour tops)
  3. Jump into writing, creating, making something for Craft Leftovers.
  4. Have a Delicious lunch. Maybe a cup of tea or iced coffee too.
  5. Work in the studio playing with materials, make kits, make things in general.
  6. Read.
  7. Exercise.
  8. Eat a good dinner.
  9. Hang out with jason or other close friends.
  10. Go to bed when I am tired. Maybe read for a little bit.

Now how do I actually get to the point where that type of day is the standard and not the exception? And when things like teaching and deadlines come up, how to I maintain the core parts of my perfect day?

Over on Zen Habits, the author has written up many articles on this very topic. And I find it to be a daily source of inspiration to stay on track simplifying my life. Most recently here are some posts that I found particularly inspiring:

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**While working towards my deadline I had a lot of busy hands work and was able to read a ton of articles on bettering myself. I feel fully empowered and ready to take on my bad habits and the world shortly after that.**


I’m still working to finish completely what I have to finish, but look for a flurry of activity and craft goodness later tonight and tomorrow. I wanted to pop in a say hello and I thought sharing with you all the great inspiring things I’ve been reading lately would be a good way to go. Getting myself on schedule, focused on what’s important in life, and organized is the flip side to the ReDress project. Yes, make my apartment more beautiful, but also, my life too. I’m excited. Good things are brewing and of course all of them I can’t share with you until months down the road, but I want you to know that everything is going incredibly well and will lead to amazing things.

See you all soon and happy crafting!