Envelope Licking Good!

Avis, over at Avis Designs, shared this great recipe on how to make your own envelope glue.

I love her statement “I have been making my own envelope glue for about a year now and I talked to a lot of people at the show about the recipe and how I do it. Since I don’t believe in keeping secrets, here is my recipe and method.” Her willingness and desire for free knowhow and sharing of recipes and ideas is so refreshing and wonderful. I’m going to try my hand at her glue recipe tomorrow I think and apply it to a batch of envelops I made out of some old magazines and maps and such. Make sure to check out her Etsy shop, she has wonderful stationary to tantalize your postal love. (via)


Some links on making your own envelopes:
Craft Bits – Easy Envelope
Mirkwood Designs Template Index – A Slew of Templates of envelopes, cards, boxes
Recycled Envelopes – Another great Instructables tutorial at work!

Don’t have time to make your envelopes but still love getting and sending post, check out these great stationary sellers on etsy:
Silhouette Blue Stationery & Invitations
Anna Ruby King
Winifred Studios
Satsuma Press
Sweetbeets Letterpress

Oh I do love letter press and stationary and getting mail and all things postal.

Enjoy! Send some mail today!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally become settled. Expect a lot more posting going on here and check back into the shop often. Craft Leftovers Monthly (3 months here & 1 month there) is on sale until this Thursday (June 12th) and then there will be a big shop update on Friday evening with more handmade things and kits and the likes!

I have a lot of ideas and things that I just can’t wait to do, show you all, tell you about. I’m glad to open this new chapter in Craft Leftovers. Thanks again for being patient with me while I finished up my school and moved and etc. Now I’m back in my studio full time and it sure is fun to be self employed, living thrifty, and making things everyday!

Keep it Crafty Folks! I know I sure will be!

++ Kristin Roach ++

ps – is anyone interested in doing an ad swap? you get an ad on craft leftovers and craft leftovers gets an ad on your blog/website? just email me at craftleftovers@gmail.com if you are.

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  1. Ooh I’d like an ad swap. Though I think you’d be getting the short end of the stick as I don’t get as many hits as you do.

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