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Boxing Up Giving

These boxes are great to add a little extra something special to any small gift. I like them for any kind of jewelty, stitch markers, and other small handmade goodies for friends. I love these boxes and have been making them for quite awhile. I figured it was about time […]


Using Used Books Part II

So on monday I covered quite a few ways to get your hands on used books. I had an oversite though, book swaps! Here is a list of the book swaps I rustled up: Book Mooch ++ Bookins ++ WhatsOnMyBookshelf ++ Title Trader ++ Read it Swap it (uk) ++ […]


Envelope Licking Good!

Avis, over at Avis Designs, shared this great recipe on how to make your own envelope glue. I love her statement “I have been making my own envelope glue for about a year now and I talked to a lot of people at the show about the recipe and how […]