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needle-envelope01 A few weeks ago I explained with annoyance my horribly unorganized needles and hooks (and offered up a chart to print out and mark down what hooks and needles you have). Thanks to your feedback and ideas, I just about have everything under control. First I redressed a small set of drawers. And now today, I’ve made a series of envelopes for my double pointed needles and circular needles. I’ve been thinking about hole punching the circular ones and putting them into a binder, but I almost think a better option could be filing them in a box by size.



I really like these envelopes because 1)They are just the right size & 2)They have folding tabs that lock into place and unlock with ease. Oh and they are made with old paper bags! Even Better!


Download the Double Pointed Needle Envelopes Here (pdf).

Download the Circular Needle Envelopes Here (pdf).

There are instructions for preparing your paper, printing, and assembly on each download. It says paper bags, but you can use any scrap paper. Thicker will last longer though and the tabs will work better. I would say no heavier than cardstock though.

So now that I have my needles and hooks in order, it’s time to announce the winners of the ReOrganize Prize!

I decided to have two winners as they both really influenced my thinking on the subject. I would send you all little goodies, but I can’t afford all that postage, so two is better than one!

So first place goes to:

Heather who says:

Duplicates is a big problem of mine- but the bigger issue is works in progress. Both of these issues have been “resolved” by an investment in Knit Pick needles. I can now keep the cables/tips well organized and take the tips off of projects leaving on the cables without having to switch to waste yarn, etc. I bought a second book for my other circular needles. More and more I am realizing that I am NOT a straight needle person- those I keep in a drawer and as they are labeled and color coded, finding them is not too difficult. I have the most issue with my DPNs- for those I use those “pig tail” holders for some and these cool card board cyclindars (also found at Knit Picks).

As for using what you have, I wonder if you could make your own compartmentalized zippered bags by using the sealer on a vaccuum bag sealer to melt the layers together? Freezer bags are more durable and with reinforced eyelets, I bet they would be sturdy enough for you to make a notebook for circulars.

My crochet hooks are kept in a drawer and cases. At this point I KNOW I have enough e-i hooks not to ever buy another and still have a few stashed in each pencil cup at my home and office- I’m amazed at how often I need a little crochet hook for something!

I really liked her suggestion for the drawer and it pushed me to just refinish mine. And then I also realized I’m not a straight needle person, so instead of putting them in a drawer, I “arranged” them in a vase like I would flowers, hehe. I do use them from time to time for teaching knitting, so I can just grab a fist full and I’m good to go. Plus since the sizes are all at one end, it’s easy to find pairs. Oh and I really liked the idea of using freezer bags and eyelets. It came down to that or envelopes and the envelops won out because of winner #2!

Janice, who says:

I have tons of needles. I used to manage a yarn store and so I have a huge yarn and needle stash. I have complete sets of knitting needles and crochet hooks in matching cases. I have a complete set of bamboo knitting needles and many, many other needles that are all standing in a 2lb. coffee can. I keep all my crochet hooks in a cylindrical container that came from Scotland with cookies in it. I keep my circular needles in size/length order in a shoe box. It is the perfect width. I also have a big tall candy jar by my ‘crafting’ chair with my most frequently used needles in it and a basket on the table by my chair with frequently used hooks etc.

Shoe box! Perfect! And, not having managed, but having worked a yarn store, I totally know what it’s like to have just about one of everything. Not quite, but close. Inox, Clover, then Addi, and Swallow were all insta impulse buys for me on pay day.

Thank you to everyone who helped me resolve my organizational issues!


In other news related to knitting, I’m having a Vernal Equinox Sale over at Green Prairie Fibers you might want to check out. Select Yarns are on sale – priced as marked.

And in paper related things, check out this great tutorial on how to organize your business cards over on Heart Handmade! I love the use of security envelopes and junkmail, what fun! (it’s actually organizing and envelope related too, perfect!)

And, hehe, always more ands in there, I’m going to be doing a shop clean up this week (like what I did for Green Prairie Fibers) for the Craft Leftovers Shop. Getting inventory figured out, adding all the kits I’ve made but neglected to add, etc etc etc. Spruce things up a bit you know. And then I’m going to have a big Vernal Equinox Sale there too! Hooray for sales!

And one last “and” and, haha, I’m done. I just wanted to give you a head’s up that Craft Leftovers Monthly will be going on sale Sunday, March 15th! I’ll send out a newsletter and email and such mid week this week coming up previewing it. If you aren’t signed up for the e-newsletter, there is info in the sidebar to the left.

Alright, with that, I’m finished. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

Happy Crafting!


7 thoughts on “Enveloping Organization :: Free Needle Envelope Templates!

  1. Oh, I just LOVE this idea of using this as circular needle storage! Esp. since you use scrap paper or paper bags! I lvoe the font you are using for these, too. Man, I am envious of all this craft organizing you are doing. You probably look at your stuff and just feel so pleased now that it’s organized and looks pretty…

  2. I am so excited to have been chosen but I am even more excited about your template for DPNs. As that is the most difficult organizational issue I have with needles, I am going to give it a go.

    Since your post, I got a free straight needle holder in my Simply Knitting Magazine. The little roll will be perfect once I remove some of the fabric and move down the ties for the DPNs.

    And I love your idea of using the straights in a vase- they do have a lovely color and would be much easier to dust than silk flowers.

  3. I love this use of brown paper bags. So great!

    I make my business cards out of paper bags and scraps of fabric. Time consuming – but I don’t go through many.

  4. 13 years later, and I have blown the dust off of this post – is the circular needle envelope pattern still available? I would love it.

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