Final Fling with the Spring Fling Skirt


At last week’s Sewing Rebellion I finished cutting the pieces for my Spring Fling Skirt. And today I finally put it all together. I decided not to include the lace. And I think I messed up the pattern a bit. I didn’t realize that the facing, was (cough) facing and not an extra panel in the skirt that made it longer. It was a simple oversight, but I think that it really botched things for this project. That’s okay. I learned my lesson. I cut an extra piece of facing and then I sewed that to the waist of the skirt. Which created an extra high waisted skirt. Okay, this could work… well, no. Haha. I think that if I lost like 10 lbs maybe I could fit into it, but I’m going to see if it will fit my sister who is much “smaller boned” then me.


It was really fun to make though and I think the next skirt I make will be more successful.


The zipper was way to long, so this is how I resolved it. You just sew to the length you need it and stitch across the zipper (so it doesn’t just keep going when you get to the end of the zipper).


And then fuzz started jamming up my machine so it was time for some maintenance.

Sewing Machine Clean up :: Before

Yikes! No wonder my machine was running rough and pinching the fabric (do you see how it’s puckering around the stitches in the picture of the zipper? that’s bad!).

Sewing Machine Clean up :: After

Sweet! Look at that cleaned up bobbin case!





And so now I have a cute little skirt! Hooray! In all honesty I tried it on over my jeans, so maybe it will fit and I can wear a cute little boat neck 3/4 sleeve shirt with it. We will see how that goes.


I’m running a little later on today’s post, but for a great reason! I sold my car today! Hooray! I will officially be car free starting tomorrow afternoon. So I’ve been showing it today and emailing back and forth with people and calling and bah, but hooray! And I posted on KroStudio and Thrift Kitchen today, so that’s in the mix of things I did today too. Mostly the car though :)

Well, I’m on to work on shop stuff, see you tomorrow!

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