Lainie’s Tote :: A fresh perspective!

Jennifer of The Fairy Mum was kind enough to send me a link to her blog post about making Lainie’s Tote for her own kiddos! (I love seeing finished projects for the pattern I put out there and how people alter them, it makes me so happy!)

I can’t grab her photo, so you just have to go check it out on her blog.

Here is the original Lainie’s Tote (made for Lainie) and the original pattern post.You can download the pattern there.


She said, “they were such fun to make (in the original pattern), and then it was fun to switch it up a bit – I made it smaller and added a second pocket, sized just right to hold their leapster and cartridges. My older daughter saw and was so excited – I can’t wait to give them on Easter!

I’ve been busy this week, making little totes left and right. Thanks so much for sharing such a clear pattern – so enjoyed making it.”


Oh and the project I’m working on in the last post was the How To:: Quilling Leaves tutorial that you can check out (it’s archived in the how to section). And thank you so much for all your nice comments on last night’s post. I wasn’t sure how it would go over since it’s not the normal Craft Leftovers content/style. So thank you! Keep it coming. Your feedback is great and will help me to write future posts on the same topic.

Thanks Jennifer! And thank you to all of you!

Happy Crafting and see you later today!

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  1. Oh, I love the idea of using old magazines to make the quilled leaves – and am looking forward to finding my way through your archives!

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