Friday Night Hello

Hey there folks! I just want to post a quick note to let you know that I just finished up the pattern for this weekend, but I need to get a nice finished shot of it. Well, it’s 11:15pm so it’s just not going to happen this evening. It will tomorrow though, so I’ll get the pattern up for your crafting pleasure then. There is one more variable in the mix too. I think that even though it’s super nice as is (of course), but it could be better felted. So I’m going think about it over night and then decide whether or not to run it in the wash (hot then cold) tomorrow morning, put it in front of a fan, and get a shot when I get home from work. So I will be back soon, really soon, and there will be some crafty goodness going on.

See you tomorrow! Keep it Crafty in the meantime!