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Scrap Basket

scrapbasket03 Some bits of craft leftovers and some remaining yarn on a cone = felted basket goodness. Without having weave in all those ends because of the felting, it’s the perfect thing to use up all those scraps. I’m going to use my basket for one of three things: project basket, weaving supply basket, under the coffee table basket for coasters, remotes, and magazines. I think the last option might just be the one because we are in need of something for that for sure.


Download the Scrap Basket Pattern (pdf).

I ran my basket through two times, but it’s not quite all the way felted. I ran out of time before work and I ran out of quarters, haha. So I’m going to run it with the towels and rugs and etc until it’s all nice and felted. The main thing is I want to loose the stitch definition so I can cut the straps without it unraveling. It’s really important that when you cut it (when I cut it) it’s felted enough so it doesn’t unravel. I’ll update all the photos when I get it all the way felted.

I’ll see you all on Monday folks! Keep it crafty in the meantime!