haha, hi.

Sooooooo, sorry you haven’t heard from me for a long time with no explanation. You see I encountered something I’ve never encountered before. “Missed Scheduled”.

I thought you all knew that I was on ragbrai and was taking some time off and while that doesn’t excuse my absence this past week (failure to motivate myself out of vacation mode once I had become fully entrenched in it) it at least gives you all an “ah, maybe she’s recovering because it was over 100 degrees the first 4 days of ragbrai and got home and cleaned like a maniac and played skyrim like a maniac and then went on walks with her dog and made home cooked meals and took lots of showers because she couldn’t believe what an amazing luxury it was and before she knew it, two weeks since ragbrai had flown by.”

Well, maybe not all that, but at least something.

My server decided to be crabby with wordpress and just didn’t post my post. So I posted it. and it’s back dated. and look at how nice it is.


Anyway, I’m back, I’m recovered-ish. And I’m ready to rooc….. craft!

I’m in a mood of whimsy today and am going to try to make a video for you telling you all about my trip and why my mind needed more recovery time than my body (which also needed recovery time + chiro visits). And why empathy is a double edged sword.

See ya soon!