Happy Mother’s Day

So on a grand mother’s day adventure I have decided to drive down to moline, IL and surprise my mom for mother’s day. I had to hold off posting about in fear that she would, in sentemental fashion, read my blog today to ponder about her daughter’s current state of craftiness.

I hatched a scheme with my dad and I’ll will be there baring freshly baked banana bread when they get home from the movies (which they just left to).

This was such a spontanious thing (I hatched the scheme just an hour ago) that it leaves no time for pattern finalizing and posting. So be patient, enjoy mother’s day, because we all have/have had mothers, and check back tomorrow evening for a new pattern and some fabulous updates!

Keep it Crafty!

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. It was a great and wonderful surprise to walk through the door and have my daughter round the corner with a big smile and hug. We had a lovely time talking and going to Borders. Thank you to all who support her. She really is amazing.

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