Ha! Happy? Yes!

Long story short I thought I would have most of the afternoon and evening to finish the pattern and get it posted and that is just not at all what happened. Mainly I mixed up my final date and was shocked, horrified, and horribly under prepared when I found out that it was today and not wednesday! So I became prepared by reading through my notes and writing stuff down this afternoon when I should have been finishing the pattern I promised today. Oh all the failed promises!

I’m not happy to not have the pattern finished, but I am happy that I will official not have an exam again until an unknow date of possible future schooling. For now, I’m done, done for a long while. I have just two weeks until I will get to immerse myself completely in making wonderful things and, of course, write patterns for them. So hold on folks, we are almost there!

I have good/bad news depending on the way you look at it I suppose. I think it’s good news. I’ve been wanting to rearrange the clm schedule for awhile now because I want all subscribers to get it by the 1st of the month that it’s intended for, including international orders. So this month provides the perfect timing. I’m moving a few hundred miles May 24th to my new home and it just happens to fall around the time that clm would normally be needing to go out the door.

I’m going to make it so the next issue is a “summer” issue that will cover june and july stuff, but it will be the same size. For those of you who have a subscription for june, I’m just going to add another month for you, so you will still get your three months worth of subscription.

What’s really great is that the way it works out it will get things to the correct schedule and there won’t be a laps in packages for you folks, and will work out just great to give me the time to move I need.

So the June/July clm will be going on sale Sunday, June 8th until Thursday, June 12th and will be sent out Wednesday, June 18th. Hooray!

Now back to pattern stuff. I’m going to just get this pattern finished up during the week and have it all set to go for this weekend coming up. It’s commencement with family in town and what not, so it will be best if I’m prepared early for a weekend post :) And with the extra time it will not be a sloppy badly written pattern, which is always good on all sides!

So have a crafty week everyone and be on the look out for great things to come this weekend and especially two weeks time!

Hooray again for no more school!

++ Kristin Roach ++

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  1. Woooooooooooooooooooo! Congratulations on finishing. And, you crack me up – faced with free time at last, you’re diving into a whole bunch of new projects! A girl after my own heart. :-)

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