Well… it’s happened again, my sewing machine broke. Seriously though, what was I expecting? The poor little guy just wasn’t made for what I was dishing out on almost a daily basis. Not only is the bobin tension way off, the needle is misaligned, and I’ve over heated the motor a few times trying to sew through things I shouldn’t. So now I’m stuck with a dilemma: do I pay to repair it… over and over again or do I get a better, more durable… sigh… more expensive machine. I honestly don’t have enough money to do either, and I am sick at the prospect of the former. It’s like they make these machines to be thrown away every year!

So. There are four ways you can help:
1. Buy stuff from the shop to help raise money.
2. Donate money by using the button in the sidebar under “Support Craft Leftovers”
3. If you have an old machine that you don’t use any more or want to upgrade, let me know and I will gladly take it off your hands.
4. Email me suggestions on machines that will hold up for a long time and can sew satin to upholstery fabric and don’t cost an arm a leg.

Any support is much appreciated, even just a dollar donation is welcomed and encouraged. A dollar donated is a dollar less I have to beg my family for!

Until Saturday!


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  1. Kristin,

    I have a machine for you. I am actually going to Target today to buy a new one. My mom-in-law sent me a gift card for it for my upcoming b-day. My current machine works. I’m just upgrading. But it isn’t the greatest or anything. Its a Brother machine that I bought 7 years ago. It was around $100 at the time. It is probably equivalent to the $70 Brother machines at WalMart right now. Probably NOT your dream come true, but I thought I’d mention it. You are welcome to have it. I’ve got to run off to UPS right now. When I get back, I’ll send you a picture of it and give you the model number, etc.

  2. Oh thank you so much April! It would totally work for now.

    I still do need help raising money to get a machine that will handle heavy decor fabrics and leather, but this will put me back in action on the lighter stuff at least.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  3. No problem!!! Okay, here it is…

    Brother VX1120

    Here are some sites with info on the machine:




    Very basic. No extra stitches, etc. I don’t have any of the extra feet or bells & whistles for it. I should also mention there is a small burn mark on it from my iron.

    I’ve used it mainly for sewing a few quilts, totes, key fobs. I bought it when I knew nothing about sewing. I am moving into my first home in 2 weeks and I’ll have my own craft room! Woo hoo! So I thought it was time I upgraded. I plan on sewing my butt off! Anyway, send your address to me at april @ and I’ll get it out to you.

  4. There you go, problem solved. Lucky girl. Would be a good machine to take to classes etc. Hope you don’t regret not keeping it as a second machine. Kristin will give it a good work out though. That was a very generous offer. Bless you.
    Kristen, save up your money and buy yourself a basic Bernina…they have everything you need. Try looking in eBay maybe for a used one maybe…although I know women who cart them around like handbags to clases, mine stays home. Wish someone like April had of been around for me, when I needed a machine to take to classes though.

  5. if this machine doesn’t work out for you I also have a couple that might work for you – how about a babylock encore – it will sew through eight layers of denim without a hitch. It cost about $400.00 USD when I purchased it but it is now a stale madel. Let me know – I think you have my e-mail address

  6. I am amazed at the generousity of you wonderful people. Not like that here in Australia.

  7. I second a basic Bernina. Unless you need tremendously fancy do-dads, stay with a basic model. My sister got a slap-up, no-holds-barred Bernina and swapped it for my mother’s 20-year old basic model. You can’t kill the thing, it will survive you!

  8. Hey kristin,

    We met at blogher. it looks like you have some good options for now. but when you do get ready to buy another machine I would suggest getting a used good brand machine. like a bernina, pfaff or janome (brother) stay away from Vikings, kenmore, and singer

    i sew a lot (make art quilts) and i do crazy things like sew metal onto small quilts. I have an old bernina 1630 and an old pfaff 1475. they are 10-12 year old computerized sewing machines. they are work horses and you could probably get a pretty good deal on a similar used machine. I bought the pfaff used about 6 years ago for $600. At some point I am going to buy a janome 6600 to have a new machine (actually I am secretly hoping to win one some day in a contest) but I would still keep these older machines. they are good machines, I run them hard! and I have never burnt a motor.

  9. Wow what a group of sweethearts you have! I was going to suggest yard-sailing or auctions (mine is a ten dollar auction find), but it looks like everyone has arrived to the rescue! =)

  10. I only found your site after going to the Craft session at BlogHer but your stuff is so creative, I wanted to help! Sounds like you’ve got a short term solution and a long term plan. Keep up the crafty goodness!

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