Crewel Of The Deep

All those yarn strands, just a few yards long are filling up all my little containers and what the heck can you do with those except pitch them in the trash? About a year ago I was introduced to crewel needlework and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the perfect thing. It’s traditionally done with 2 ply wool in about a dk to sport weight, but it’s been so fun to play with different textured yarns and see how they make different textured surface. About this same time became interested in the gulf coastal region and borrowed a book from the library about them. Just one of those field guide ones. I’m not sure why but I became obsessed with drawing them. It is from those drawings that I have made these templates. I hope you enjoy seaside creatures and using up yarn bits as much as I do!

Download the pattern here (pdf).

I don’t have an image of them framed with me, but I’ll put them up when get back into town (monday).

On another note. Thank you so much to the generous offers of April of Craft Zombie and Alice of Alice’s House. You both are so amazingly nice! And also thank you to everyone else who emailed and commented with sewing machine suggestions and well wishes. It made the loss of my machine so much easier to bare.

Thank you!

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