Hi ya folks!

Well, i’m feeling like a goob for not getting the pattern up by now, but my weekend-before-class-starts running around has completely gotten in the way. I would normally say that I would get it up tomorrow (like usual it seems), but I’m going to chicago tomorrow for the Sewing Rebellion at Mess Hall. (if you like sewing and you like doing it yourself and you like refashioning of clothing and random neat-o quilting, you should come check it out tomorrow from noon to 4, it’s a good time for sure). And then my first instinct is, well, i’ll get it finished when i get home…. yeah. sure i will. I’m going to attempt to be rational about my limitations and just go ahead and post it Monday afternoon. I think that’s do-able and i won’t get all stressed about it.

The cool thing is that this is my very last semester of school!!! hooray! So after May I will be all your’s and there will be on time posting all the time, no problem at all. I really can’t wait. It will be so nice.

See you all on Monday!

ps – honey bunny kits and reusable tea bags are back in the shop!