Hi ya!

All summer long I have been trying to be very resourceful as far as projects to keep me occupied goes. I have spent as little as possible and have just used what I have on hand (which is too much) and things from other projects that I have done for my art classes at the University (I’m a painting major there). I have found that there is a complete lack of books/patterns for making things out of small bits of this and that and there is also a lack of contemporary uncomplicated patterns for the home. The best I have found so far is Mason-Dixon Knitting, which is a great book, but it only deals with knitting. What about all the great things you can make out of left over fabric and paper and buttons?

Main point: I am going to post a new pattern bi-monthly that is made out of leftovers from other projects and more often than not for the home, but there will be a few things that can be worn or used outside. It should be fun and all the patterns will be free! And on top of that there will be a flickr group set up so you can post pictures of what your finished project looks like and and and there will be prizes! Everyone likes free stuff right? Well the way it will work out is everyone who finishes the pattern and posts a picture to the flickr group before the next pattern is posted will have their name entered into a drawing for the prize. The prizes will range from skiens of yarn to buttons to books, it will at least loosely corrolate to what the project is. I will post what the prize is when the pattern is posted.

So now that all the guidelines are set up I will have to post a pattern and think up a prize, but that will happen Tuesday when I have internet access again.

Check back soon! Happy Crafting!