Water bottle sling

Here is the first crafty leftover pattern that I made this summer, I made it with two half skiens of yarn in contrasting colors, worsted weight. It knits up pretty fast.

Because I do not have hosting where you can download pdf files, I just made the patterns into jpgs so you can see them. Just click on the picture to open it in it’s own window to print it, or email me through the “e-mail” me in the side bar link and I can send you the compressed pdf file so that way the text and images are better quality. This is a work in progress, and things will be a little shaky at first, but they will get better. I will try to get it so that way you can just click a link to download the compressed pdf file.

I was going to have it so that way everyone who completes the pattern and posts their pictures to the flickr group will be entered in a drawing for a prize, but I’ve decided, that instead everyone who posts a comment before the next pattern is posted will be entered in a drawing for the prize and everyone who completes the pattern and posts a picture on the flickr group before the next pattern is posted will get a prize.

So just to make it more clear:
If you post a comment on this pattern in the next two weeks, you will be entered in a drawing for a pattern kit (enough yarn in two colors to make the pattern plus a printed copy of the pattern).
If you make the pattern and post a picture to the flickr group in the next two weeks you will get a prize of gradiose proportions, but that is a suprise prize.

These prizes are only for this two week period and this pattern only, they will change when the next pattern is posted.

Have fun crafting with those delicious yarn left overs!

6 thoughts on “Water bottle sling

  1. I’m stitching away on my swap block here, and then got distracted…

    good idea. count me in!

  2. Thank you for making a great pattern to help use up the leftover bits of yarn. I have about a billion yards needing some love!

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