How To :: Making Butterfly Bobbins

DSC_0158I first learned how to make these great little bobbins in my beginning weaving class at Northern Illinois University. They are great for weaving, especially tapestry weaving, but also when working brocade on the floor loom. The thing is, they are great for knitting and crochet and pretty much any color work. I use them instead of buying those plastic little bobbins, although those a great too. I have been working on some argyle slippers (From Weekend Knitting, see that project here on ravelry) lately and using butterfly bobbins for the 12 colors I’m working all that the same time (what a mess, but it’s coming along pretty quickly I think). And they are also really great for organizing your stash when there are tons of little random balls in there. Unlike balls of yarn, these won’t unravel all the easily.

Anyway, really useful, you should try it. Here is how you make them.

Lay your yarn over the palm of your hand so the end is by your thumb and the yarn leading to the tangled mess is between your pinky and ring finger:



Then pick up the yarn leading to the mess of yarn and guide it clockwise behind and to the front of your thumb:


Then back to your pink – counter clockwise around the back of your pinky to the front. Just keep repeating. Clockwise around the thumb, counter-clockwise around your pinky. Once you kind of get the hang of it you will be able to rotate your hand to catch the yarn and it goes pretty quickly.


Make sure your tail doesn’t get caught up in the yarn winding.



Once you get to about the last 4-6 inches, pinch the middle of your butterfly with your other hand.


And wrap the last 4-6 inches of yarn around the center.


And then tuck the end around the center twice to get it to stay in place.


Now find your end again and you can just pull that to use your yarn.


I hope this helps you keep your stash and your fiber work tidy!


I sent out the email newsletter today, thanks to everyone who has already entered the give away! Good luck!

Also thanks to those who entered the giveaway for the kit here on the blog-o by sending me mail! I just picked up my first batch and it was a nice little haul. I’m going to go check my mail again tomorrow and see what else has come in.

I did get all the kits finished up last night and pictures taken. I’m editing photos after I publish this and you will start seeing the new kits in the shop tomorrow.

Well, I think that’s it for today. I’ll see you all tomorrow with the new lamp shade. I decided to go with the table cloth. My Craft Cat stated that I should and then everyone I asked about it went with her opinion, haha. So see you all tomorrow with my new lampshade!

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  1. Ooh! Thank-you so much for sharing this neat trick! It’s just what I was looking for! : ) ~Joy & Peace~

  2. I am new at knitting. I get your news letter, and enjoy it very much. Is the Yarn Butterfly just a way to wrap the yarn and have it ready to use?

    Thank you

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