Apartment Redress :: Lamp Remake :: Part II

Lamp Redress Today was so rainy. I actually really liked it. I worked on crochet stuff earlier, and then was a kit making machine for the rest of the morning. The rain was nice but completely foiled my plans for the Lamp Remake today. You see I picked out my spray paint and was going to paint the base this morning. And the it was so cloudy and the light was so bad that I couldn’t work on the shade either or my progress photos would all be junk. I finished off the afternoon looking up ideas for lampshades. Well around 4pm things brightened up a bit. After looking at all these great lampshades, I was more than inspired to start disassembling my shade.

To my pleasant surprise it came apart super nice and easy:

Lamp Redress

Lamp Redress

Lamp Redress

Sweet! Done with step one in like 5 minutes! And because of the way the shade is put together, I will just have to recover it instead of remake it! Even better!

Oh and here is the spray paint I picked up yesterday:

Lamp Redress

Now I am faced with a huge dillemma, what to recover it with. I could go with a cute woven table cloth I picked up at Goodwill yesterday:

Lamp Redress

Or I could try my hand at printing my own fabric on a nice unbleached muslin or a “faux” linen cotton fabric:

Lamp Redress Lamp Redress

I have these blocks that I carved awhile ago for some light boxes that I made:

Lamp Redress

I was thinking that they would be nice, like one on each quarter and then carve some more that aren’t squares to fill in a bit. Here is what some of them look like on the light boxes, which are working as sun catchers right now:

Lamp Redress

I’m thinking I’ll need to carve some different shapes because my lamp shade is curved so I can’t make a nice pattern on it by lining up the blocks.

What to do though? Use the table cloth (easy), print my own fabric (more time, possibly end up in a wash, possibly end up super awesome). I think I’ll have to at least try to print my own fabric (do I sense a how to coming on for tomorrow’s post?).

The other think I was thnking about was some pen and ink drawings, botanical illustration style. I think that could be really nice too. Like some seedpods. I think I’m just going to play around a whole lot with fabric tomorrow and see what I come up with. That actually sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to get started on it.

Safety Cat My studio assistant says I should stop being such an over achiever and go with the table cloth. I think my craft cat just doesn’t want me printing because I’ll use up her favorite sunning spot while things are drying.

So I’ll give printing a try tomorrow and hopefully the end result will be a nice little round up of all the things I did wrong and how you should do it right, haha.

I listed two more kits today in the Craft Leftovers shop and some new yarns in Green Prairie Fibers, you should go take a look.

Like I mentioned earlier. I was a kit making machine earlier today so once I hit “publish” on this post I’m going to go take pictures of it. I’m hoping to get the photos I take tonight edited by tomorrow and start listing those on Thursday.

I’ll see you all tomorrow! Have a good crafty night!


2 thoughts on “Apartment Redress :: Lamp Remake :: Part II

  1. I think I’m going to have to agree with the crafty kitty….go with the tablecloth! Such a cool thing to do with repurposed material!!! I can’t wait to see how you make the shade, though…how do you turn it under so that you don’t have a big piece of material showing underneath? Also, did you decide that the size of the shade is okay?

  2. goodwill cloth! goodwill cloth!

    by the way, you seem to have the best days ever! spending a whole lovely rainy day crocheting, sewing, and crafting is my dream. no doubt about it.

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