Hump Day Round Up :: Easter Crafts!

For about the last week or so I’ve seen more and more Easter themed crafts coming up in my RSS feed. It think it’s about time I share with you some of my favorite tutorials, project, and inspirations.

Painting Easter eggs has always been my favorite Easter craft and, rightly so, egg salad sandwiches my favorite Easter lunch!

There are so many ways to decorate Easter eggs and here are a few inspirations and tutorials:

Lacy Egg How-To – This is my favorite from the Martha Stewart ideas. I love the idea of using lace as a resist for dyeing and hope to try it out tonight.

Miy Easter Egg Craft – paper covered eggs

Easter Egg Decorating from AmazingMom’

Using Mathematica to Decorate Easter Eggs – if you are math minded (which I am not) this could be fun! give a great round up of egg decorating methods

Better Homes and Gardens give some ideas for decorating eggs when you are pinched for time

Martha has a huge group of projects for decorating eggs – oh of course she does… i hate and love you.

Easter Baskets are my next Favorite Easter Craft. Especially because just last Saturday I took a basket weaving class and seem to have an uncanny knack for it – I swear it’s like I remember things instead of learn them, it all seems so natural. I’ll post a picture on Kro Studio later today.

Some Great Easter Basket How To’s and inspirations:

How to Weave a Paper Easter Basket on Craft by Diane of the CraftyPod

Sewn Easter Basket Pattern

Greener Easter Grass, Mini Paper Basket, and a whole slew of Easter How to’s on Instructables.

A Basic Woven Basket How to on Basket Weaving 101

Quite a Few Free Basket Weaving Pattern on Basket Maker’s Catalog


And of course, many great crafts for bunny making (including the honey bunny pattern here on craft leftovers – and a kit in the CL shop):

Easter Bunny Cards from Cate’s blog A Work in Progress [via]

Linda Made has a great pattern for Crocheted Easter Pals [via Craft]

Easter Bunny Cupcakes in a Box – not exactly craft, but so seriously cute I couldn’t not link up to them.

Bunny Boo pattern from Roxy Craft [via] – this is soooo cute and given it’s tiny size is perfect for some yarn scraps I have laying around here.

Knit Mini Bunnies from Rebecca Danger [via]

And more egg themed project ideas:

Petite Spring Nests and Fillable Fabric Eggs [both via – can you tell they have been posting a lot of really great easter projects lately, haha, I love their site]

Easter trees – something new to me, but something I really like! I think I’m going to make a “spring tree” and use it to decorate our apartment for a little bit since I came to it so close to the holiday:

Easter Tree from Wendypiersall on Flickr

Easter Workshop on Martha Stewart Living

Easter Tree from CherryTomato on Flickr



Easter Tree from Torie Jayne

Easter Tree from nisedesigns on Flickr.

Some great April/Easter round ups to check out:

Whip Up April Round Up

One Pretty Thing Easter Round Up

Easter Craft Round up on Meet Me At Mikes  [via]

8 Days of Easter Crafts on Craftzine

Kiddo Craft Round Up on

One Crafty Place Easter Round Up

Easter Holiday Crafts on Martha Stewart

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