Telaic Fantasy #2 :: A Bundle of Weaving Delights!

The other day I was so happy to receive this great little bundle of weaving delights. That’s right it was issue number 2 of the Telaic Fantasy DIY Weaver’s zine by Su Mwamba!
I love how she has made each zine by hand, folding the paper this way and that to store away little hidden treasures and envelopes of weaving tips and diy mini looms.


And check that out: A bundle of yarns for weaving! And a great post card of one of my favorite artists! How did she know?


And, personally being one to love graph paper, I love this random page of graph paper in here. She is a constant inspiration to keep pushing Craft Leftovers Monthly to be better and better.

Oh and do you see that? An interview with me!


And she also tucked away quite a few little kits for making your own diy weaving post cards in the back flap of the zine:


I think her and I are on the same wave length and it just exhibits in different styles. I was thinking postal and mail and envelopes for the May issue of clm too! You know with the upcoming summer vacation time it seemed like a great fit.

You can pick up your own subscription to the diy weaver’s club and be an official member too! Just go to Su’s shop where you can also get many great weaving kits and other fun goodies.


Today is actually my crack down and get the outline for clm finished up day so I’ll have a nice preview for you later this week. It will be going on sale on Wednesday, April 15th (tax day! yikes!).

I actually spent all of last night sorting receipts, making spread sheets to get all my expenses figured out for the year (and income), and installing quickbooks. My first instinct is to say “blah” but I actually enjoy that sort of thing… as long as I’m not super stressed out and crunched for time! I feel good that I’m actually well on track for getting everything in by the 15th no problem. Ah it’s nice having a schedule! I’ve been good about sticking to my schedule, but everything has just been shifted a few hours later.  I have to admit I’ve been bad about getting up on time this week so far. Today I’m resolved to go to bed at 1am and get up at 9am! Let’s see how that goes.

Happy Crafting!

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