I Heart Felting

So I finally did it. I felted. I just had to share too of course! This woman at my LYS where I work brought me in her leftovers from all her felting projects and said “I’m not going to use it, does anyone here want it? If not make sure Kristin gets it because I’m sure she will find a use for it.” Or at least that’s how I heard the conversation went. How nice! So I could resist. Now of course, when I started, I was just “testing out” the yarn so I completely forgot to weigh the separate balls of yarn that I used. The total came out to 4 oz. So I’m apologizing about that in advance.

I’ve been using it all weekend as my bathroom tote and it’s drawn some attention in the bathroom at the hostel. I’m not used to be asked for my web address while brushing my teeth in the morning, but I’m totally fine with that.

Anyway, enough rambling, you can download the pattern here.

Well, I need to take a shower and scoot. I’ll see you all later!

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    1. It’s towards the bottom of the post, click the text that says “click here to download the pattern”. Enjoy!

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