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Sew A: Felt Skillet Cozy

Jason’s been goading me for, uh, too long to make a handle cover for our skillet. We’ve seen them at the store and while they aren’t expensive, I can’t stand to spend money on something that I have the supplies lying around for and I know would take about two […]

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Book Review :: Sweater Surgery!

I first saw this book quite a few months ago. I was instantly in love. A book after my own heart. A book I would write if given the chance. There are so many great aspects to the Sweater Surgery that I’ll just start with the physical aspect of the […]


Wet Felted Ornament Experimentation

It’s been quite awhile since I played with wet felting and things, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to get the kinks worked out of my memory before possibly teaching a workshop on it next weekend.  I grabbed cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes, […]

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Recycled Peace Ornaments

I have never really been a fan of decorating for holidays though, so I wanted something that could be used for a season. Winter Season. I like decorating for the season instead of the holiday. I guess I feel like it allows me to enjoy what I’ve done a little longer.

This project calls for felt and just about any will work great, but I really like using recycled sweaters and hence the name. I have a stash of old felted sweaters and this just seemed to call for soft white and red cabled felt.

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I Heart Felting

So I finally did it. I felted. I just had to share too of course! This woman at my LYS where I work brought me in her leftovers from all her felting projects and said “I’m not going to use it, does anyone here want it? If not make sure […]