In case of emergency

So you know that “All disasters aside, I will see you tomorrow.” Well disasters struck. The glare was really bad on the drive home today and by the time I finally got back home I had a nice migraine mounting… and then to add a good deal of insult to injury, as I’m pulling into the apartment complex driveway my car starts revving up… I think “that’s odd” get it going and pull into my parking spot. I go back out to my car 5 mins later to get the rest of my things and there is a long trail of fluid running out from my car…. Transmission fluid. I look under my car and it’s pouring out of not just one, but two places. I’m just glad I got home okay and didn’t break down on the drive somewhere between corn field and soy beans! There are quite a few stretches on I-80 where there are no towns for a good 30 mins driving. I couldn’t imagine how long the walk would suck in the 90+ degree heat we had today. I think the stress just added to the headache and I was down for the count on the couch until just now pretty much. I’m totally heading to bed.

I’m not going to say the pattern will get up tomorrow because it seems to be jinxed! I’ll try to work on it in the morning though. Hopefully my head will be cooperating by then!

See you all soon!