July Project List

They have put together a great collection of July crafts over at Tipnut. And it turns out they put a Crafters Medley together for June too, so if you missed it, make sure to check it out for some great project ideas.


I am fairly sure I saw this artist’s work over at whipup.net and I really like it. In fact it’s one of those, “why didn’t I do that?” kind of things.

Over on True Up they have been having a Sunday Sale Posts, I’m two days too late on linking too it I’m sure, so you should just rss feed to her blog. She is always posting really great things the rest of the week round too.

Sieben Morgen added some super cute souvenir sets to her shop that you should check out. They are super cute!

The positivity blog has a nice article on Why You Should Write Things Down, a great read on writing for sure.

Feeling in the need for some yummy sorbet this summer? Here’s a nice recipe for some homemade Plum Sorbet.

And with that I’m going to get back to working on clm! It’s crunch time! hehe, I love it. So much fun! Intense crafting all around :)

One thought on “July Project List

  1. You’re right … they were on Whip Up and then on Craft … I’m slightly embarrassed that they seem to be appearing everywhere ;)

    Thanks for the link … and good luck on your ‘transition from “student/minimum wage worker” to “freelance/self-employed”’ :)

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