Uncopyrighted Blogs, Dollars, and the Studio

I have been reading a blog for awhile now called Zen Habits and was thrilled with (cough, woops! I am so sorry about the, um, gender mistake, I knew that too, it was seriously a typo, I was thinking too many things while writing, thanks for the correction Amy) his post today on his decision to uncopyright his content on his blog, which is amazing because he really does write wonderful articles on improving yourself. It’s been wonderful to read as I’m making this transition from “student/minimum wage worker” to “freelance/self-employed”. There are a lot of good articles on productivity and building positive sustainable habits in your life. He also has guest writers, so there are varied opinions and perspectives. I know this isn’t in the “craft vein” but this article in particular is relevant to blogging and life in general and I thought some of you may like to read about it. I’ve been thinking about uncopyrighting some of my patterns and content and such, but haven’t quite decided yet.

Another blog I read a lot that I think I’ve linked to a couple of times is the Simple Dollar. It has a varied amount of information, several articles a day, on how to be financially sound. The writer himself took the plunge into self-employment and so there is a lot of good information on time management and such too.

And now for the studio. I’m well up to my nose in subscriptions just about ready to go out the door. I forgot about the no car issue and Jason not getting home until after 5:30 (the last collection time for the mail at the post office) so we have made plans to run everything down there tomorrow morning before he goes to work.

Just because I don’t like posting without a pictures, check out what I got in the mail this week! My friend Deb sent this to me along with a whole huge box of stationary. She said it was her donation to getting Kro Postal up off the ground. It sure will help! There are so many great vintage sets of stationary. It was like Christmas. I love getting mail! More on the on Friday though.


Well, I’m going to get back to cutting, stuffing, and folding.

Have a good day!

Kristin Roach

2 thoughts on “Uncopyrighted Blogs, Dollars, and the Studio

  1. I haven’t seen the Pack-O-Fun since I was a small child ( and that was a long, long time ago). I do remember that it had the most stuff to make from junk around the house. You’ll have a great time looking at them.

  2. I had never seen this publication before and was so happy when my friend sent me a whole bunch of them. I really feel like the whole publication is about pretty much the same thing I’m going for with Craft Leftovers: Using what you have on hand to make amazing things!

    I’m planning on posting some pictures of what’s inside on monday. They are all so full of crafty goodness!

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