Knit Basket Breakdown :: Part 2

I don’t know if any of you remember from awhile ago when I posted about my Knitting Basket and how it’s broken down and I want to fix it. Well, I’ve finally got around to it and thank you so much for all your suggestions!


The first one that I took was putting all the wips I wasn’t currently working on and the random yarn for the wips I was and put them into a bin in the closet. It’s my go to place for what to work on next as well as the holder for all the yarn needed for current projects. So that was perfect. I now have one sock, one fingerless glove, one scarf, and one scarf that’s finished but needs fringe. Not so bad.

So now it’s time to fix the actual basket. I decided I’m going to just make a pattern from the fabric and remake it completely. So the first step was taking off all the fabric and ripping out all the seams. It turned out this bag has a really neat construction and so I made notes on how to put it back together. There are actually only 5 pieces including the pocket and the strap – neat!



Sorry about the cruddy picture, but it was the only way I could get a picture of all the pieces laid out.

Then I had to turn my attention to the frame itself, which was missing one of it’s rods that helps to hold the basket open to a certain width. I happened to have a doll rod about the same size and I cut it with my garden sheers and then wittled the ends so it fit in just so:


Good as new! Well, good enough for me. I’m not going to bother staining it right now as stain is expensive and it’s just one little post. I don’t think it really needs protection from anything anyway.

I’m not sure what fabric to use for it, so I’m going to go dig around in my stash and see what’s what. If I have enough left I’ll make it in the same fabric I covered my sewing chair with. Not to be matching, but just because I love the fabric so much :) Otherwise I have a few other choices. Just now that I know how much fabric I need I can start picking some out.

I’m going to post a re-release pattern tomorrow and hope to have the basket finished for monday’s post. I’ll give you better step by step photos of it for that post. I think it really is just seam ripping and wittling for this part though.

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. I’ve been looking for these types of frames but on the smaller side, approx 8.5 on all sides. Hoping you can give me an idea … this frame can be wooden or bamboo [curved]

    Thank you so much,

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