Miss Woolly’s Mini Cross Stitch Kit

When I went to check my mailbox on Monday I was delighted to find a Cross Stitch kit in the mail! What a pleasant surprise! Barns & Noble is putting out this great kit for their book stores and it’s packed with great goodies. It’s the perfect thing for someone who’s interested in embroidery or someone you are trying to get to love embroidery as much as you and I do, hehe.


The kit comes with a little book of embroidery patterns and embroidery floss in 6 colors…


Plus 6 pieces of cross-stitch fabric and 2 embroidery needles.


The little booklet has all need to know about cross stitch to get started on your first embroidery project!


And I really like how they have these little MAKE IT! tips that give you some ideas and inspirations for incorporating the embroidery piece into a larger project.


And the patterns in the book are so cute! Look at this one:


Burger time! Love it!

You can pick up the kit in Barns & Noble now or you can get it from their online store.

And Miss Wooly? Well, she actually has a great blog you should all go take a look at. I’m so happy for her that she’s been able to make this book and kit happen for us all to enjoy!


Today has been an amazing Earth day for me. It’s completely beautiful outside and I’ve been riding my bike around, I cleaned out my container garden, planted some plants, and cleaned off the patio – where I’m now sitting. Ahhhh so nice!


I’m happy to report that almost all of my seeds have sprouted and they are now hardening off outside in the sun, and we are both loving it.

On a side note, I don’t normally review things that aren’t made from craft leftovers – on in that diy realm. But they sent me this kit for free and i really liked it and thought it was super cute and I love kits! And so I wanted to share it’s cuteness with you today.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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