MacBook Blow Out

Well, it didn’t blow out, but it did crap out. First it stopped charging. Then it died. Then my user account was deleted so I couldn’t log in when I plugged it in. Jason got it back up and running on Saturday, but my folks were in town so no posting that day. So I gave up the post for Friday. “I’ll post on Monday no problem”. Well, turns out Jason had today off so we did the 45 minute drive to the Apple Store. It took about 2 hours in the mall of waiting around, and *tada*! My mac book was fixed! It now charges, I can log in no problem, and they replaced the keyboard and such because it was cracked (common problem with MacBooks). And the coolest thing was that because it was a common problem (the keyboard casing thing), they took care of the other thing on the same order slip so I didn’t have to pay anything! Even for the parts! So I bought a skein of sock yarn on the way home :)

Anyway, so here I am, just now home from Des Moines and dinner in my belly. I have decided to just start up anew tomorrow morning. I’ll have a rerelease ready for you before noon and then some other fun news later in the day.

See you all tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “MacBook Blow Out

  1. Hi Kristin,
    I am glad your MacBook is fixed! As I was reading this post (I have been reading your blog for awhile now) I thought HOLY CRAP, she is from Iowa. I am an Iowa girl myself, recently transplanted in Omaha. I am very much an amateur sewer, although generations of women in my family have great sewing talent. Maybe some day! I have some of your stuff bookmarked that I hope to try some day soon.
    Keep creating and keep writing!

  2. Holy smokes!
    You’re having good karma or mojo or whatever. You should buy a lottery ticket!
    Michelle E.

  3. I’m so glad you got your macbook fixed!~ :) I need to take my lappy in to get the mousepad repaired.

    I’m also having a call for people who might be interested in doing a weekly painting challenge. Thought you might be interested. If so, pop on by and lemme know. :) hugs!


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