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Su of Tangled Crafts has sent us all another great how to! How to make your own weaving needle from old gift cards. Here is what she says about it:

“My usual suggestion for a makeshift weaving needle is to use a hairclip.  But what if you don’t have a hairclip to hand?  If you don’t normally use them, you might as well go out & buy a pack of needles as a pack of hairclips (although the hairclips would be cheaper).  Where this idea came from I really don’t know, but for some reason it occurred to me yesterday that if you have an old, used-up store gift card, or an expired bank or credit card, you can make a collection of weaving needles very easily, for absolutely zero cost!”

What a great idea! I think really easily you could also make little bobbins for weaving or knitting – which are great when you are working with multiple colors.

I’ll see you all tomorrow with some rereleasing of patterns :)

Happy Crafting until then!

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