Making Charcoal in the Grill

Remember how I posted forever ago about wanting to try to make my own charcoal? (link) Well, on Sunday I finally gave it a shot and it worked out great!


I used some doll rod scraps from another project to make some charcoal for myself. I haven’t drawn with it yet though, but my test marks seem very nice.

I also used a reject whittled crochet hook too – the funnest piece of charcoal ever!


And then here is some more – skewers and sticks:


I’ll be adding a tutorial on how to make your own charcoal as well as some instructions on drawing with charcoal in the August issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly. It’s going to be a great issue all about drawing – my favorite thing ever!

Oh and some random good news – I have my first Ames area show of paintings semi scheduled for October! I’ve started stretching canvas and finished gessoing my first. I’m going to work on the under drawing tonight, so exciting!

Happy Crafting!

One thought on “Making Charcoal in the Grill

  1. Congrats on the show! Eeeeeek! And on the successful charcoal creating!

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