Making Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue Preview

Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue!

Craft Leftovers Monthly will be on sale from Sunday Evening, November 9th, 2008 – Wednesday, November 12th and all subscriptions will be sent out Monday, November 17th.

And it will be in the etsy shop! That’s right, I’m moving it back to etsy! I guess the same reason why I moved the whole shop there :) I just miss my etsy community. And I’m going to go back to just offering a limited amount of new subscriptions each month. I’ve found that it really goes from “fun” to “frenzy” if I’m sending out more than 35 each month. So only 15 new subscriptions will be available for the holiday issue.

Also, because it’s the holidays, I am going to give a great gift giving deal! When you order your Craft Leftovers Monthly (or if you already have a subscription) and you just love it so much you want a friend to have it too, put “I want a gift subscription for my friend too!” in the comments section when you check out and you will get 20% off your gift! (Just select “other” for the payment and I’ll send you a revised invoice).

I’m really excited about this month because, as usual, it will be so great! And especially so because this month I’m changing the layout so each zine will be 28 pages! Plus a fold down center insert for templates and pattern instructions (so really like 32 pages!). And I’m also changing up the paper to the cardstock I use will be partially recycled paper and the paper on the inside will be too! (hence the gray paper instead of white).

So I just wanted to show you a little snappet of how Craft Leftovers Monthly gets plan out:

Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue!

I’m thinking about changing up the font for this premiere new layout issue. Cross stitch style… calligraphy style.

Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue!

Some sketchy ideas for the cover illustration.

Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue!

Check this out, you see that? That’s 28 pages of crafty zine goodness coming your way.

Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue!

What a great place to put a template for a great Craft Leftovers Project! I think I will!

Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue!

Nice little inside flap for all sorts of good info. And since we are 28 pages long now, an index is totally in order. Page 1 is a great place I think.

Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue!

This month’s kit in progress. Soon to be a pattern on cl. Can you guess what it will be? You will just have to wait until Sunday to find out!

See you all soon! Happy crafting! I’ll post when Craft Leftovers Monthly goes into the shop on Sunday!

++ Kristin ++

edited in: I was going to put clm into the shop first thing Sunday morning, but now it will be Sunday night. It was a travel time issue and I’ll be getting in later than I originally thought. Thanks for waiting and being patient with the hold up!

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  1. Kristin, this issue does feel like Christmas! I feel like a kid waiting until i can open the presents to see what I got. lol Now I am anxiously waiting for you to put the CL kits in the shop. :D As for my guess on the project…a pretty coaster? Am I close? ha! You do such a good job on the kits every month. I am looking forward to this one too.

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