Drumming up Drawing

This month’s issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly is all about drawing, so when I saw this flashback to issue 6 of Craftzine I just had to link up. In fact, using this method is how I made the coloring pages in the zine! I used watercolor pencils for the first […]

clm - vol 1

August Craft Leftovers Monthly in the shop!

Drawing is my primary language. I have been drawing since before I can remember and before I could read or right most definitely. I am so happy to present this issue to you because it’s all about drawing. Yes of course there will be some instruction on drawing, but there […]


January Craft Leftovers Monthly Preview

Last month a strange thing happened at the printers and although I’m still not sure how it happened, I ended up with 60 extra copies of the Holiday issue. So I put it up in the shop for the first time by itself. It did really well! I enjoyed selling […]


Making Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue Preview

Craft Leftovers Monthly will be on sale from Sunday Evening, November 9th, 2008 – Wednesday, November 12th and all subscriptions will be sent out Monday, November 17th. And it will be in the etsy shop! That’s right, I’m moving it back to etsy! I guess the same reason why I […]


October Craft Leftovers Monthly in the Shop!

There are certain things about every month that I love, but I look forward to October more than any I think. Getting fresh apple cider, apples, gourds and squash, honey, jams, apple butter, oh the apple butter from local orchards is always a high point. It’s all so delicious and […]


Hump Day!

Some how Wednesday gives me the sense of having gotten a good chunk of the weekdays, yet still having enough time to get the things done I need to before the weekend (which is usually a misguided feeling, but I’m okay with that). I’m taking a swing away from craft […]


February CLM In the Shop!

It’s in the shop! Hooray! Go Check it Out! Oh and on a side note, this is Issue #6! Holy Moly! I’ve been doing this for 6 months! I really can’t believe it. So there will be an extra special love note to all of you who have made this […]