Medical Emergency

Well, I was able to get two new travel tissue covers in the shop, and there are still a hole lot of great kits available from last week. So go check it out.

Unfortunately, I’m having a bit of a medical emergency with the two ferrets. Edited in: After Vet Update: I took them both to the vet and Sloane has a bit of a respiratory infection, so she’s on antibiotics. Mr B is unfortunately worse off. He actually has a mass in his chest cavity that is pushing his heart out of place (which is beating fine, but not where it should be). They don’t know how long he will live without further testing and that I should make him as comfortable as possible. He gets all the treats he wants, that’s for sure! He is eating a little on his own now so that is a good sign. We are going back to the vet on Monday to get an ultrasound. I don’t know if there is anything that can be done. But if it’s something simple, it would tear me up if I didn’t try.

I’m going to update the shop more throughout the week until I get everything up. There is quite a bit.

The pattern this week will most likely be a pretty short and sweet one.

Have a good week!

5 thoughts on “Medical Emergency

  1. Oh, No! I hope Mr. B makes a speedy recovery. I am sending him good thoughts, and you too!

  2. Oh honey, I am so sorry about Mr. B. Sending good, positive, sweet thoughts your way.

  3. Hi there, just found your blog. Love it. Sorry to hear about your fuzzies. I have two myself and they are high maintainance little creatures. My male has had to have two operations in the two years of his life, and set me back $2000. The girl is now losing fur, so looks like we’re in for adrenal disease with her. Hope your little guys make out alright. Hug a ferret, it makes everything better!

  4. Yeah, it totally sucks. Unfortunately, because of where it is, even though he’s still young, there is only a small chance he would even survive the surgery. Screw that, surgery is so painful. I just had a second opinion today and pretty much the same conclusion. So lots of love for the rest of his furry little life. The baby ferret is going in tomorrow because she has the sniffles and needs her final booster. I love them, but I swear, I need some ferret health insurance or something. I’ve dropped about a grand just to have them tell me “yep, he’s dying, he seems perfectly healthy other than this huge mass that’s attached itself to his heart…” sigh. Thank you for your kind words, I totally need ferret hugs lately, they do wonders.

  5. You can get ferret health insurance, but everything I’ve read is that it is a waste of money because it doesn’t cover everything (and we both know ferrets get EVERYTHING). One person told me the best insurance for your pet is to start a savings account for them, put in a bit every week, so you have the money when you need it. That’s what I’ve been doing. Guess I won’t be affording any fabulous tropical vacations anytime soon, though!

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