Lacy Knit Wristlet

Ah using up little bits of yarn and little buttons makes me so happy. This week’s pattern uses 1/2 ounce of fingering weight yarn. And 2 to 4 buttons. It knits up pretty fast, and since it’s so small, blocks fast too! Definitely wouldn’t hurt to add some beads in their either if you wanted to give that a try.


  • Needles: 3mm
  • Yarn: Nature Spun fingering weight or Lamb’s Pride Cotton Fine. The amount didn’t even register, so 1/2 oz. should be more than enough.
  • 2-4 Buttons


Gauge: 7 sts per inch, 8 rows per inch

Sizes: S(M, L) = 6 inches (8 inches, 10 inches)


Three repeats of feather and fan lace pattern, each repeat is 18 sts+2, each repeat is about 2 inches long.

CO 56 (74, 92) sts

Row 1: K all

Row 2: K1, *(k6, p6, k6), repeat * to last st, k1.

Row 3: K1, *K2tog 3x, (YO, K1) 6x, K2tog 3x, repeat to last st, k1.

Row 4: P all.

Repeat rows 1-4 five more times or until desired length is reached.

BO all sts knit wise.

Attached 2-4 small buttons so they line up with 4 YO in opposite end of strip.

Correction in the PDF: Row three should read: K2tog 3x, YO K1 6x, K2tog 3x. The corrected pattern is now the pattern you download. But in case you already downloaded it I wanted to let you know. Thanks to Ren for letting me know about the error in YO K1 repeats. That’s pretty key.

Updates and Announcements:
I will be putting new stuff in the shop on Monday so look for it Tuesday morning. I will let you know when it all gets in when I finish up.

Oh there is a new addition to the family. I got another ferret this week and oh boy is she a cutey. You can see pictures and read about it here on my other blog.

There will hopefully be more yarn related kits in the shop on Monday too, sorry about the lack of those, I ran out of yarn to use!

And I’m almost done rewriting the Honey Bunny pattern, sorry that has taken so long. And I was right, lots of errors! I’ll let you know when I finish.

Oh, Thanks again to all the people out there who have offered to test patterns, you all rock. I now have enough for the team. The first pattern to test were sent out last week! Horray! (or was it the week before? Well people just started getting their kits in the mail this past week, so whichever you want to go with).

And the best for last: Craft Leftover’s one year birthday is coming up in July and I’m going to have a contest. I have a prize, but what should the contest be? Suggestions please!

See you on Monday! Keep it creative!


10 thoughts on “Lacy Knit Wristlet

  1. I am going to announce your contsest on my podcast so hopefully you will get some peeps with good ideas!

  2. your pattern is really cute! i’m a bit confused though, and i’m wondering if there might be an error in your pattern… in row 3, did you mean to have 6 yarn overs? following the pattern the way i interpret it, *k2tog 3x, YO K1 3x, k2tog 3x* rep to last stitch, doesn’t give you the original stitch count and wouldn’t keep the pattern. am i just reading it wrong?

  3. Hey Ren, you are totally right. Geeze, I can’t wait til all the patterns get tested. I’m getting there, but it will be a month or so at least. I fixed the error and you can download the new pattern by clicking on the original link.

    Thank you so much for pointing it out!

  4. In keeping with those small lacy bands, how about asking “what is the smallest thing you’ve ever knit or crocheted?”

  5. Size 6″ is the small size, it is the circumference of your wrist. If I’m reading the second part of the question correctly, I think the answer is yes. You repeat rows 1-4 until it is the width you would like. I just realized that I didn’t say in the pattern, “BO all stitches knitwise after you complete your last pattern repeat.” I’ll fix that right away. Did that answer your question okay?

  6. The PDF is no longer available when I click the link. Can I find it somewhere else? I made this a long time ago when I first started to learn how to knit and I want to make another one :)

    1. Hi Judi! I’ve put the original instructions right back on to the blog post so you won’t need to download anything. I’ve also added it to the list of pdf’s to make and will send you a copy when it’s finished as a thank you for letting me know it was missing. If you’d like to know when new patterns are released or released, sign up for the Craft Leftovers Club – I send out weekly updates on new content. Happy Crafting!

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