Miss Michelle in Interweave Knits – That’s my pattern! Hooray!

I’m so excited and I’ve wanted to tell you this for so long! I wrote a sweater pattern for the Winter Interweave Knits magazine! Hooray, go me! Life goal #5 met! It is hot off the presses and in subscriber mail boxes. I think it’s on the newsstands on the first. You can pre-order the issue here on the interweave site. 


I loved making this sweater – a little crazy on such small needles and with fingering weight yarn… but totally worth it. It was so hard to pack it up and ship it off to Interweave, but wow does that model look great! Oh and they don’t show it, but you can latch up the collar so it overlaps and is tight and warm around the neck too. I just love the little pockets. I love pockets!

I wish I could be wearing it right now, it was so warm and fit perfectly. I felt super awesome wearing it around for a whole 5 minutes before I packed it up and sent it out, haha. 

Thanks Deanna for writing on my wall and letting me know it is out! It’s been a long day (shop going silly, headache, and teaching 4-6 year olds how to draw) and seeing your message “Congrats to the person who created the best sweater pattern in the Winter issue of Interweave Knits!  Sooooooooooooooo excited for you!” really made my day. 

I just added all the details to Ravelry too so you can start queueing up!

6 thoughts on “Miss Michelle in Interweave Knits – That’s my pattern! Hooray!

  1. I just checked your projects before I checked your website and I saw it and said “Holy s**t, your pattern is out!” It looks awesome! Congratulations, Kristin, you deserve it!

  2. Yeh! Congrats! Got my copy in the mail this week, it looks great. Just curious where the name came from?

    1. Thanks! Well, my middle name is Michelle. Jason and I have a long standing joke that anytime I do anything really outrageous, spontaneous, or flashy, my alter ego Michelle has taken over. So if my alter ego were to dress me, I would wear a sweater like this all the time :) And I would be brazen enough to submit it to my favorite knitting magazine and say “sure I can knit a fingering weight color work sweater and write the pattern in 4 weeks, no problem”. Haha. I think michelle and I are merging.

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